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All of the tools and equipment that is necessary to complete your stained glass projects are listed here, along with a detailed breakdown of the required toolkit for our stained glass classes.




Toolkit for Classes

Toolkit for Classes


Tools from the Toolkit.

It’s important to start out with the right tools. This toolkit gives you the basic tools to getting started.

Our Toolkit includes:

  • Toyo Oil Glass Cutter
    Lighter weight brass handle glass cutter has a self-contained oil reservoir and pattern cutting replaceable carbide head. This supercutter also has a tapered handle which is designed to fit any sized hand to help reduce hand fatigue while scoring stained glass. All Toyo cutters use their standard oil feed and long lasting carbide tips to ensure even scoring. This is the perfect handheld glass cutter for all of your stained glass needs!

  • 100 Watt Soldering
    This lightweight iron features of a more expensive iron at an affordable price for the novice. The heat coil produces sufficient heat for copper foil soldering. For lightweight, thinner came, a soldering iron control is recommended.
    Iron weight- 7oz. (198g); iron length: 11-5/8″ (295mm).
    Complete with 3/8″ (10mm) diameter chisel tip. Two-conductor cord. 100 watts,
    110 V. A.C. Contoured natural finish hardwood handle.

  • Iron Soldering Iron Control
    The Pro temperature control unit is a solid state temperature control. Solid state, 800 watt, 8 amps, 110 volts. Accepts a 3-prong plug.

  • Iron Holder
    This accessory offers excellent stability and support for virtually any soldering stick iron using a molded receptacle to cradle the iron. Includes cleaning sponge. Made of temperature resistant materials and a non-skid base.

  • Running Pliers
    All-metal running pliers with rubber-capped jaws assure clean breaks without marring the stained glass.  Limit screw adjusts jaws to thickness of glass to avoid too smashing the stained glass.  The glass running pliers are 8″ in length with vinyl-coated handles for comfort.

  • Breaking Pliers
    Precision stained glass pliers are ideal for breaking apart glass.  Simply clamp pliers on glass and gently break along the score line.  Standard size 6″ glass breaking pliers have smooth surface jaws so glass is not damaged.  Vinyl-coated handles.

  • Pattern Scissors
    Pattern shears are special scissors that cut away the right amount of paper needed for the width of foil or came to fit into your finished project.  The special scissors have an unusual three-bladed cutting section.  Available in foil style which cuts away a narrow line or also in lead style shears that take out a wider line suitable for lead came glass projects.

(These are the same tools I use).

All tools are also available for sale separately.

Copper Foil Machine

Copper Foil Machine

Copper Foil Machine

This foil machine is the only one that is both fast and easy to learn. The object is to get equal distribution of foil on both sides. Depending on how you set the guide pin, you can have more or less foil. Ask to see a demonstration.

The Diegel foiler is the leading foiler in the stained glass industry. Constructed of durable plastic and brass components, the Diegel foiler is the only foiler with a lifetime warranty for parts and workmanship.

The Diegel Foiler has these incredible features:

  • Adjustable Guide Pin. Allow centering or off-center of foil on to the glass.
  • Brass Components. Quality built in every unit.
  • Ability to foil with every size of foil in the industry.
  • Lifetime warranty for parts and workmanship.

The reels can hold every type and size of foil, and are made not to spin freely. The rubber nut allows for tightening or loosening to meet your foiling needs, and will never fall out of adjustment while foiling.

Glass Grinder

Glass Grinder

Glass Grinder

The Glass Grinder is a must for those seeking accuracy in the fitting of your glass pieces.

After you have scored and separated your glass, there will be a razor edge. This must be smoothed out.

The Glass Grinder will remove this edge. The grinder wheel is bonded with diamond grit. The wheel is backed with a wet sponge to cool and clean the wheel. Also, grinding wet prevents glass dust from occurring. This process makes for safer foiling.

Morton System –
Straight Line/Angle Cutting System

Glass Cutting System - Straight Line and Angles

Glass Cutting System

Comes with a reversible squaring fence, an extra squaring block, three glass stops, fast angle fixtures, a glass shop ruler and more! Make squares, diamonds, trapezoids and many other gemoetric shapes.

Allow me to demonstrate the system for you. Making perfect angles for lamps are made easy. Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style Windows or repeating patterns using this system makes for better fitting glass pieces.

Strip and Circle Cutter Combo

Strip and Circle Cutter Combo

Strip and Circle Cutter Combo

Strip and Circle Cutter Combo 2

Strip and Circle Cutter Combo Detai

This tool scores a perfect circle ranging in diameter from 3″ to 25″. Also doubles as a strip cutter ranging from strips as thin as 1/2″ up to 12″. Ask for a demo.

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