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Repair and Restoration

Repair, restoration and conservation of new and antique windows, including stained glass lamps with the experience to handle simple repairs or complete restorations are our everyday specialty.

Repair and Restoration

Window Repair - Before

Window Repair – Before

Window Repair - After

Window Repair – After

Fredrick Stained Glass specializes in simple stained glass repairs to complete restorations. Our philosophy is to educate our customers to ensure they make a well informed decision in relation to their stained glass repair or restoration.

Your stained glass windows are an artistic treasure and must not be permitted to diminish in quality. Despite the considerable cost of your original purchase there is sentimental value to be considered.

Your stained glass does not have to actually be in a damaged state before your attention is required. A comprehensive assessment should be made on a regular basis. Regular upkeep and repair can lengthen the life of your stained glass windows. However, when routine maintenance has been delayed, renovation of genuinely damaged or deteriorated windows can actually provide another lifetime for them.

Money saved by not preserving your stained glass windows will probably be offset by increases in other outlays. For instance, extensive temperature loss, water damage and mold from leaking home windows, injuries from damaged glass and fragile sections and poor building security are issues that can result in greater operating expenses. Further, failure to look after your home windows risks ongoing degeneration, and results in greater disruption and expense throughout future repair.

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