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Fredrick Stained Glass provides professional services to both residential and business customers of the Chicagoland and suburban areas.

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Custom Design · Restoration and Repairs · Lamp Shades
Tools and Supplies for the Glass Enthusiast
Re-Constructions · Installations · Stained Glass Classes
Lead Came Work · Copper Foil Work

Fredrick Stained Glass has been crafting, creating, restoring and repairing stained glass since 1968.

With my extensive experience, knowledge and passion of glasswork, I have been providing my professional services to both residential and business customers of the Chicagoland and suburban areas.

I value my prominence in the stained glass community by providing exceptional quality work at reasonable rates.


Fredrick Stained Glass provides you with the following services to meet your needs:

  • New custom stained glass designs for homes, businesses, and churches. I provide complete fabrication for all stained, leaded, faceted, beveled windows. I work one on one with individual clients, architects, builders, designers, interior decorators, restoration specialists and home owners to create designs and projects that are best suited to the home environment.
  • Repair, restoration and preservation of stained glass windows.
  • Complete restoration and repairs of stained glass items are part of our services. I provide expertise and highly skilled services in the field of stained glass repair and restoration for churches, historic buildings and homes with extensive accomplishments in glass restoration techniques.
  • Church and religious windows.
  • I can create a beautiful memorial window or series of windows for any denomination.
  • Tools and supplies for the stained glass artist and hobbyist.
  • Classes from beginners to advanced. We offer classes where you will learn the basic techniques such as cutting, grinding, foiling, and soldering in the Copper Foil (Tiffany) method of stained glass. In the end, you will be proud to have completed a stained glass creation.

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