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Testimonials from happy clients are an important part of any service business's website, lending trustworthiness and experience to a business. Showing those testimonials in their best light is extremely important to Fredrick Stained Glass. We wish to thank our students, customers and friends for their kind words.

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Testimonial #1

This is a magical place, where beautiful art happens. The fact that it’s affordable and approachable magic is pretty wonderful, too.

Patricia Kane


Testimonial #2

Drive by the shop in the evening and prepare to be awed, staring at the front window FULL of stunning glass creations. (Most of them are for sale.) Then, park the car and go drool on the shop window a little.

Sadly, I drove past this shop for YEARS without stopping in. Only a near-tragedy with hundred year old art glass sidelights and a transom caused me to stop in and ask for repair pricing. Don’t I wish I’d made time to stop in years earlier!!!

Fredrick Redinger is a craftsman. And, he has a unique talent for teaching the basics of his craft. A lot of people who know how to do something well have no idea how to impart that information or skill to their students. Fred can and does, in four short weeks. I’ve taken his beginner class and now I design and build my own art glass pieces with a decent amount of confidence.

Yes, I’m a fan. He has repaired and restored my aging windows, made invisible repairs to a delicate stained glass lamp I damaged, and he designed and built a double-hung window for my guest bath. I would trust him with any repair or commission (I see some incredible church and private residence windows coming and going from his shop, and sometimes he puts the newly-restored pieces in the shop window until their owners come in to pick them up.)

If you make your own glass pieces, he’s got a ton of supplies and sheets of colored and textured glass on hand, too. I keep telling people it’s kind of like stepping into a ‘Harry Potter’ type shop in Diagon Alley. Maybe the wand shop. It’s kind of magical inside.

Yelp Review


Testimonial #3

It’s the one stop shop! No where else in the city can you buy supplies, learn the trade and have a great conversation! The workspace (where you can take classes, or watch Fred do his thing) is beautifully well lit with natural and artificial light.

Rick B.

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